Sunday, November 22, 2009

Summer time indulgence

Sunset at the Hawks' Bay
Last summer my family and me hit Hawks' bay. The excitement of the trip and the relaxation of the beach allured us to this particular vacation spot. If you are looking for an entertaining and relaxing way to spend the hot days of summer, Hawks' Bay has plenty to offer.
The sun glows vibrantly with pleasure. The fervent colors filled the sky with its warmth. The sea so delicate, sparkled preciously as it ambled up against the shore. The crystal water that stretched out far into the horizon where it got darker and deeper but stayed very calm. Walked on a gold land, the soft and smooth sand shone as it reflected the suns rays with glee. A cool, light and refreshing, breeze gently eased up against my being and glided through my hair, sent a gentle shudder up my spine. The whole beach itself looks like a painted picture with a spectrum of colors all fused with one another. The sea was also displaying a wide range of hues that reflected from the surface, like a dancing damsel dressed in a vibrant attire.
After witnessing Allah’s great creation, Mum, Papa and aunt took out the refreshments and taken them inside the hired lodge. But we were so selfish and had only thought about our comfort and to materialize our plan. We took out our beach slippers and hit the sea bay. We strolled for quite long time, watched children played with sea waves, waded in and swum by their elders. After sometime we decided to return. On our way back to the lodge we have collected many different sorts of shells and have taken pictures of the waves in the sea. Aunt and mum have laid the table for us before our arrival. We felt hungry and ate the delicious fried rice before eating the sweet chocolate cake and Bread-kebab rolls. We all praised mum and aunt for giving us such palatable food. Then we had a rest of about an hour or so. Our mum then woke us up. So that we freshen up and had tea with the rest of the family. After having tea we started playing indoor games such as Quiz game, Snake and Ladder, and also Parcel passing. Have told jokes and narrated half remembered funny stories.
It was half past six when papa sighted sunset and called upon us to have a sight of the dying sun. In the sky, the sun had begun to set in a sluggish, dawdling fashion. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen which is etched in my mind forever. The colors twirled together in a heap mass across the sky. The sky turned wild and there was a war of colors. Lightning tossed itself across what was once the peaceful sky. After watching such a nature's beauty that had hold our breaths, world seemed to me an endless entity full of hidden beauties yet to be witnessed.